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The Art of Leadership

When I think about it I realize Jesus was certainly a powerful leader.  Can you picture Him at the last supper with a towel and bowl of water leading his disciples into understanding.  He was the perfect example of servant leadership.  Today I think many leaders do lead by example.  I want to give you some ideas of what I think real leadership is all about.

Be present–in other words be open and fully engaged with what ever you are doing.

Be authentic–it’s important to let the real you be known.  Don’t  make a false impression–be real.

Be Vulnerable–lol if you are authentic you will be vulnerable–try to put yourself in another persons shoes.  We can never know how “it is” unless we have experienced it.  But, we can have empathy.

Be accepting–this is sometimes harder than it looks–being accepting does not mean you approve of everything another person does or says.  It means you accept a person for who they are–seeing each person as special and worth while.

Be useful–LOL some people are just more useful than others.  Being useful is a wonderful quality.  There is someone in my family who is very useful, they see what needs to be done, they say what needs to be said, they are just plain useful. 

 Servant leadership is really about serving people. It is not controlling others.  It is caring about others, being available.

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