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As I Sit Here. . .

As I sit here this Friday evening, I am in a pondering mood.  My across the ocean children and grandchildren have arrived,  I am thankful, and yet I am alone.  On this night I don’t mind being alone because I am thinking, pondering, questioning.  Have you noticed I have been doing a lot of questioning lately?

I just got word that one of my good friends is in the hospital, he is a special friend to my family. He is getting up in years and I feel nervous for him, where is my faith that I so often talk about?

Today I felt the power of evil before my eyes, it has caused me to want to dig deeper into what I believe and why.  I feel an urgency to study and know why I believe in the religion my mother believed in.  I have to know it for my self I can’t depend on any one else to learn it for me.

On a lighter note, my daughter called to inform me that the children prayed for me this evening.  One of the grands brought my name up to be prayed for and the other spelled it out that they need to pray for my f a t.  I am glad they think to pray for me.  This brings up the weigh in today, only a lousy 1/2 pound, so that makes 9 pounds, I was hoping this would just fall off and I would be thin by 4th of July, no such happening. 

So, my friends, I say Shabbat Shalom!

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