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My Boy has turned into a man, oh he still has that boyish look, that smile that melts my heart but he IS a man, he even shaves (inside joke).  He has a kind heart, he is a great husband and father, fun loving and sweet.  I am his mother but I don’t think I’m bias–he is just that way.

I remember when he finished college and was headed to Seattle to work for Boeing, I couldn’t stand it.  His father and I went on a trip and left his sister home to take care of seeing him off.  I just couldn’t bear to see him turn the corner and drive away, it brings tears to my eyes now as I think about it. Little did I know. . .

That he would make us (his parents) seem like exotic travelers, which we aren’t but because of him we are.  He had the nerve to move his precious wife and children to the other side of the world.  That’s right, a 27 hour plane ride.  It never crossed my mind that he would ever live half way around the world from me. When he moved to Seattle, single (have I told you I found his sweet wife for him?) and alone, I recall telling him if I live to be 70 years old I will probably only see him a certain number of time, silly I know but that’s how I felt. 

Why am I telling you this?  I want you to think about letting go, sometimes it is difficult, especially for mom’s to let their boy soar.  Do it!  As a parent it is our job to raise our children to fly away.  Be happy for them, be excited for them and support their decision.  You see life is hard and we each need people in our corner who support us and believe in us, as a mom this is part of our job. Don’t hang on, don’t tie him to your apron string and don’t keep him tied when he gets married.  It’s  Biblical, a man shall cleave to his wife not his mother or father. (Gen. 2:24, Matt. 19:5, Mark 10:1)  I like the word cleave it sounds perfect for a man and woman to cleave.

Would I love to have him and his family living next door, I sure would, but I am happy for them.  They love what they are doing and where they live, and I want to give them the support they need from me.

So dear mom and dad, when it’s time let go, let that precious boy soar and be happy that you raised him to do it.My boy and his boy

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