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My Blessing

Were you blessed by your parents?  I was!  As a child growing up I knew I was the most important person in the world to my parents.  My parents were uneducated, never read a book on  raising children, never attended a class on child rearing and yet some how they knew how to show the love I needed.

My mom, the worrier, never said yes right away, spanked when I disobeyed which was often, never played with me and even worked out side the home.  My dad had a temper, didn’t go to church, and smoked.  How did they do it?  How did they give me a healthy self esteem, how did they let me know they loved me more then any thing?

I believe they gave me their blessing.  They accepted me, they approved of me and showed their love for me by touching me, talking to me and telling me when I did the right thing or the wrong thing.  They talked about Jesus often. 

If you remember, Esau missed out on his father’s blessing.  In Bible times the blessing was a momentous event.  It gave children a sense of value by their parents.  When Esau found he had lost his blessing he asked his father if he could find just one blessing for him. (Gen.27:38)

JoAnn Davidson tells about the Orthodox Jewish homes and how they bestow a special family blessing on their children.  This blessing is much like the blessing Esau was looking for.

If you are a parent or a grandparent learning about the family blessing can give your children a protection against evil and a knowledge of your acceptance of them.

I have seen it over and over again, when a person does not have the blessing of their parents it is difficult for them to leave home and move forward.  Oh they may leave home but mentally they are still there seeking acceptance.

As I see it the blessing has several parts and you may not agree with me but this is what I think just from my experience and from books I have read. Ross Campbell’s book,  How to Really Love your Teenager,  talks about how important appropriate touch is.  Campbell even goes so far as to say even if you have to touch your teenager on the sly do it.  Briefly touch him on the shoulder. I don’t know any one who does not love to have their feet massaged, or  pat her on the back.  Touch is very important.

In Florence Littauer’s book Silver Boxes, Florence tells us that the spoken word is very important, we all like to hear a positive word.  She also points out how important the written word is.  The spoken word will fade in time but the written word is always there to be pulled out and reread.

When giving the spoken word or written word attach high value to the person you are giving it to.

Commit to praying for the person you are giving this blessing to and continue to pray for them daily.

I plan to do some more research on each of these points and I will blog what I find for you but in the mean time, please think about giving your children, your spouse, a family member, a friend a blessing, it’s never too late.

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