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Working With My Man. . .



Well, we just finished cleaning out and defrosting the freezer, TOGETHER! 

Have I told you Bob is a perfectionist and I am not.  Is that enough information?  Thought so.  He is melancholy-phlegmatic and I am Sanguaine-Choleric, need I say more.

Here is how it went.  We opened the door and turned off the freezer, we emptied the freezer and all of that went well.  Next I noticed he was tugging at the freezer, I was wondering if he intended to move it to clean under it.  Nope, he was taking it to the sun.  Ugh that, to me was odd.  He must have decided it was too, because he left it.  He put the fan blowing on it and I watched the water pour out of the little spout being sure it didn’t run over the container.

We did really well until I thought I had wiped it to perfection (mine not his) and he said, “Would you wipe around this light?”  I said, “It really needs it.”  He said, “you always degrade me.”  That didn’t feel so good to me, because I had to admit sometimes I do. It’s my personality!  But, wait a minute is my personality a good enough reason to number 1 degrade and number 2 not submit?

Submitting to my husband is one of the hardest things for me.  I admit it right here and now.  How can I submit when I think I am right?  Yet often it really doesn’t matter if  I’m right I just want my own way. Read Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3, I have some praying to do.

Well, there you have it Sunday morning at my house.  We are still friends, he is puttering, getting things just right in the garage after the freezer cleaning and I am writing to you.  Thanks for listening.

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