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Are You on Facebook?

Chances are if you are into reading blogs you at least know about facebook.  I enjoy facebook a lot, it keeps me in contact with friends that I have not heard from for years.  It gives me a chance to show off my grandchildren and to keep up with ladies I meet at retreats.

What I don’t enjoy about facebook is the time waster it can become.  I will be honest with you, I don’t care for the games people play and I don’t even care to know what my friends are up to moment by moment.  Call me odd–I don’t care it is just the way I am.  There is a rather funny video about addicted facebook and twitter people.  See what you think, I know it is kind of silly and if you don’t do facebook all of the terms such as wall, poke and twitter won’t make much sense.

I’ll also stoop to a bit of whininess and let you know that it wastes my time when my friends participate in all of these extra activities, because I have to sort through and scroll past them just to see what people are really up to.

I have two points:

First,an admonishment to all of us.  Let’s use our time wisely.  There is a time and a place for recreation, but let’s exercise moderation and wisdom.  We don’t let our kids play video games all day, and we should hold ourselves to the same standard.  Let’s not play Facebook all day.  Fellowship is one thing; endless inane quizzes are another.  I have often failed in this area.  Let’s all do better.

Second, if you’re annoyed  by all the time-wasters showing up on your wall because your friends are doing them, you can hide those applications.  Just go to the empty spot to the right of the application on your wall.  When your mouse hovers, you should see the word, “hide”.  You will be able to choose to hide your friend’s updates or to hide that particular application no matter who does it.

I got the last couple of paragraphs from a blog I read called Life In a Shoe, she says it so well why redo it.

Well there is my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it.   LOL

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