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The Gift

My man loves to give me a gift at Christmas, but he really wants it to be a surprise.  Not only a surprise but he wants to get something that he knows I really, really want.

I remember so well the day he came home with a huge box, it was wrapped so beautiful, it sparkled and had a perfectly made bow on top.  There it sat under the tree for days.  I could hardly stand it, it was so big, so beautiful and so mysterious.  I tried shaking it, the kids tried to figure out what it was, we were all stumped.

Finally Christmas morning arrived, I was like a kid waiting for Santa Claus, I could not wait to run down stairs and open that box.  My man asked me to wait until the very last gift had been opened and then I got to open MY present.  As I unwrapped it I noticed a picture on the box of a big stuffed bear, but I was sure that was not what was in the beautiful package.  Guess what, that is exactly what was in the package, a bigger than life size stuffed bear.  I was speechless and Bob was so excited, he was sure this was what I needed to put in the front window at Christmas.

So often we give God the gift we think he needs rather than take time to find out what He desires.  We make promises and resolutions to spend more time with Him.  We make goals to be more loving.  Do you remember the words Jesus spoke to Martha?  He said, “Only one thing is needed,” and that is to sit at His feet.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. Rev. 3:20

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