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Taking Care of Business

I have been home for exactly 3 hours.  My man was late picking me up at the airport but I smiled and waved as he drove up.  I decided no use being grumpy about his lateness.  Good thing I took the high road, his day started early and he had a lot on his mind.

Next stop after dropping Bob at work was to go weigh in–remember please I have been gone for 4 days at a women’s retreat where food is plentiful and goodies are even more plentiful.  I followed my plan as close as possible with two exceptions.  I stopped to see my friend Judy Olson and she had made cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven just for me.  I ate one big roll enjoying every bite.  The roll was faboo but the look on her face as she watched me enjoy the treat was priceless.  That was #1.  Number 2 was last evening I had a cheese enchilada, that’s right you heard it of all things.  I only had one and a big salad.  So up 1/2 pound. 

I leave Sabbath evening for nearly a week–wonder how that will go?

I have a lot to tell you so come back soon!

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