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Are You Getting Ready?

I can feel the excitement building!  You may be wondering what I am talking about!  Women’s Ministries, of course.  We have a great year planned for Women’s Ministries at my church.  Do you have any thing going on at your church?  I sure hope you do, because Women’s Ministries is a perfect way to invite your neighbors, friends, family and members that perhaps you have not seen for a while, to something special.

At my church we have several things going on.  We have women’s Bible studies, mom’s groups and Women in Touch.

Why not plan an event?  You don’t have to “go all out,” you could make this an evening of great decorations, dessert and a good speaker or program.  You just need something your members will be pleased to invite their friends to attend.  Make this event not about doctrine but about Jesus! 

I would love to help you plan something, please leave a comment on this blog if you need some ideas.

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