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How are you feeling?

I have never given much thought to how I am feeling.  Lately my health has become a subject to be discussed in our home.  My son even threatened me today that he would ” turn me in”  to my son-in-law if I didn’t get an antibiotic. 

First, my knee, it hurts now and then.  Second, the cancer on my nose.  Third, my crown and I don’t mean on my head.  Fourth, my root canal.  Fifth, my cold.  Now isn’t this about enough little problems for now?  I can tell you this I now have the new bed I was planning to buy in my mouth.  Root canals and crowns add up to a lot of money.

You may be wondering where I am going with this whining?  I just want you to be happy where you are, I want to be happy where I am.  Things can always get worse.  Give thanks everyday for your blessings.  God is good all the time.

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