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Listening For God

I know, you think I meant to say listening to God.  I really didn’t mean that at all, I wrote exactly what I meant.  Listening for God!!

Last weekend I attended a Prayer Conference at my church.  The conference did several things for me.  It  made me want to listen for God.  By this I mean just to know that He is working in my life.  That He is sending me messages here and there that I might miss if I am not aware.

I’m reading a book by Morris Venden on Prayer.  The same thing is happening in my thought process as I read this book.  It is just the simple fact that I want to listen and watch for signs that God is near and answers my prayers.

You don’t know this about me but I like to read several books at a time.  I don’t always finish a book before I start a new book.  That’s  not good but it’s how I seem to do it.  Right now I’m reading,  The Answer is Prayer,  by Morris Venden, You Were Made for This by Bruce Wilkinson,  A Life to Die For, by Clarence and Stephen Schilt.

The book by Wilkinson, has also made me think about God and how He wants to use each of us in a powerful way.  We just have to make ourselves available and let God know we are willing to have him work through us.

A Life to Die For, is a great book about the problem of SELF.  Do you have a problem with that?  LOL  Don’t we all.  I emailed a friend one day just to see how she was doing and she told me she was having trouble with self.  I told her to get the book A Life to Die For and read it.  This morning during my devotions my mind wandered to my friend and within a minute she called.  I thought that was almost a God thing.  This book has made a big difference in her marriage and she is only half way into it.

How about you?  Are you reading?  Why not make a goal for yourself.  Perhaps you would like to read 4 books a month or maybe 2 books a month.  I am going to give this some thought I want to set a goal,  turn the TV off and do some reading.

Ask the Lord to show you a really good book.  Does this sound strange to you?  I don’t think it is, God is interested in everthing we do and I know He will lead you to the right book.

A Love Story!

We were invited to a 40th anniversary party and what fun it was!  We had a lovely meal (I should say every one else had a lovely meal), and saw friends we had not seen for a very long time.   We were all together last evening and it was an evening of visiting, fun and surprises. We even had entertainment!

The “groom” sang to the “bride”!  As the meal was just finishing up with strawberry short cake, Elvis appeared singing, “I Just Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”  The program was a surprise to the “bride”, he sang a couple more songs and then he had planned a slide presentation that was lovely.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you this.  Well, I was struck with the word committment.  I am always so grateful when a marriage lasts through thick and thin. It is such a good example to young people today who are just starting out.

These two were older when they were married and he really didn’t want to get married again as he had already been through a divorce but she talked him into it.  At the end of the slide show the words on the screen said, “And They Lived Happily Ever After.”

If you are married  you know living happily ever after does not just happen.  I’m sure these two would be the first to tell you they have  had to work on their marriage, each giving 101 percent.

If you are struggling in your marriage I recommend Kevin Lehman’s books. Be prepared he talks a lot about S E X,  he has some very good advice.

Marriage is a wonderful thing and I pray yours is faboo, if it isn’t do something about it.  Spend some time in prayer, read some books, find a good counselor, confide in a friend who does have a good marriage.  We can learn a lot from each other.  I don’t mean tell your friend all about your troubles but ask her what they are doing to make their marriage successful.

Have a great Monday, today I will go weigh and they will measure my progress I’ll let you know how I’m doing by tomorrow.

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